Our mission is to educate the public on the positive effects of additional atmospheric CO2 and help prevent the inadvertent negative impact to human, plant and animal life if we reduce CO2
"Fire, Ice and Paradise", Steward, H.L. (2009) 
Authorhouse, 6x9" version, 156 pages. To order click here or call Authorhouse at 1-800-839-8640.  This is an educational book for the non-scientist, including politicians, highlighting the many factors that affect climate change. Eighteen causes are described and most are illustrated. Also included is a summary and write-ups on the 16 climate indicators that help reveal Earth's climate history.
"Climate Change Reconsidered: Report of the Non-governmental Panel on Climate Change", (2009). 
(NIPCC). Chicago, IL: The Heartland Institute, 2009, but Craig Idso and S. Fred Singer. An exhausting coverage of the factors impacting global climate change and a similarly thorough coverage of the benefits of elevated CO2 to the plant and animal kingdoms.
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"Is the US Surface Temperature Record Reliable?", Anthony Watts (2009) 
The Heartland Institute, Chicago, IL. Dr. Watts has documented that of the 860 climate monitor stations in the USA, he has had surveyed and photographed, over 89 percent fail to meet the National Weather Service's siting requirements and are biased to finding more warming that exists and that adjustments to the data by NASA and NOAA cause the temperature to look even higher.
"Cool It", Bjorn Lomborg (2008). 
This world class economist uses both facts and common sense to recommend what governments should do in reaction to global warming. Instructs how to set priorities on the many challenges we face.
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"Unstoppable Global Warming Every 1,500 Years", S. Fred Singer and Denis Avery (2007). 
Is a very good accounting of factors, fears and myths regarding man-made global warming. They document the natural cycle of warmth that has occurred every 1,500 years due to variations within the sun.
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"The Deniers", Lawrence Soloman, (2008). 
This book was written by an environmental journalist who interviewed some of the more prominent scientists skeptical of man-made global warming. To his surprise, he found the credentials of the skeptics to be superior to the believers who supported man-made warming.
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Professor Larry Bell with both flair and logic to drive home the lack of physical, empirical evidence to support the popular hypothesis that man-made CO2 is causing catastrophic global warming.

"Heaven and Earth: Global Warming, the Missing Science",Ian Plimer (2009). 
Plimer delves into the lack of science to back up the popular claims of man-made global warming.
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Research results from over two years of extensive study of climate change by a group of retired NASA scientists and astronauts, may with Phd's, who are non-conflicted volunteers and many who have impeccable reputations from having successfully put man on another heavenly body, the Moon.  They have seen the opportunity to make another contribution to mankind by taking very incisive look into what is and is not having a significant impact on climate change.