Why Global Warming Is Not A Threat

Why Global Warming Is Not A Threat

For the past few decades, global warming has been a subject of discussion for scientists to decide if it exists or not. However, the world’s temperature has been increasing, and many blamed the excessive use of fossil fuel for this scenario. On the other hand, few of them believe that fossil fuel is not the reason behind the melting glacier and climate change. Sixteen scientists hold an argument by saying that global warming is not a threat to human life! Whether it’s true or not, the latest facts have found that global warming is something that may cause a massive loss to human lives. Still, some myths will trap you somehow to avoid the situation. However, it is essential to understand them before they get you strapped inside the funnel.

Misunderstandings About Global Warming

Why is global warming not a threat? There are a lot more misunderstandings and we have picked a few very common among them. They are as follows,

Global Warming Is Not Happening; It’s The Climate Change Only

Some would argue that global warming is not happening, so you better call it climate change. However, the overall average temperature of the planet is increasing, so global warming is technically correct. However, it does not mean that the earth will turn hotter everywhere. This is something leading to some confusion. For example, on a cold winter day, you might say so much about global warming. So the term climate change indicates the problem is more intense storms, droughts, floods, ocean acidification, not just that the globe is warming.

Globe Is Not Warming!

Thirteen of the fourteen hottest years occurred during this century. This means that the globe is not warming and has no fruitful clues to stand firm under the circumstances. Instead, a dangerous atmospheric deviation is making the Earth’s surface temperature hot. This isn’t just making heat waves and droughts more probable, but on the other hand, it’s making changes to our everyday environment frameworks. These progressions are making outrageous weather events more possible and more serious. For instance, storms and hurricanes are becoming more serious, moving increasingly slowly to fade away.

Some Scientists Have Claimed That The Earth Is Cooling

In 1970, some papers were published predicting cooling, but there were six times as many papers predicting warming over that same time. So scientists haven’t changed their tune till now! But you don’t just have to go by temperature. There are unlimited reasons that the globe is warming. Like sea level is rising three millimeters a year. That’s the indication that the ocean is getting warmer and expanding. Ice on Antarctica and Greenland are melting at unprecedented rates, and arctic sea ice continues to decline.

Humans Only Emit A Small Amount Of Co2 Every Year In The Atmosphere!

That’s true! People emit only 30 gigatonnes compared to 780 gigatonnes from natural land and ocean processes. So should we admit that we are not accused of it! But this is not the case; before us, the system was balanced with the land and oceans absorbing the same amount of 780 gigatonnes a year. This balance kept carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere between 180 to 280 parts per million for 800,000 years, but now it has turned into 400 parts per million and is still rising.

Volcanoes Emit Co2 More Than Humans

This is absolutely a notion based on wrong facts! The volcano emits only 0.25 gigatonnes annually, which is less than 1% compared to the amount that humans emit. So it clearly shows that volcanoes hardly contribute 1% to what we call global warming.

Water Is The Most Potent Greenhouse Gas

That’s also true! But water in the atmosphere is increasing day by day. However, some claim that this can’t be due to human activity. The only way for the atmosphere to hold more water vapor is to get warmer, and it all comes back to CO2. A doubling of CO2 on its own would increase the globe’s temperature by about one degree Celsius. But that warming means there will be more water vapor in the atmosphere, and ice will melt, refusing the reflectivity of the Earth’s surface. So it is a positive feedback loop, which many different sources indicate will lead to about a three Celsius rise in temperature.

All The Predictions About Global Warming Have Failed

Most of the predictions show remarkable agreement with observation. But you don’t need to go through the model from 1988, back when the climate sensitivity was higher. If you re-run the past models with 3 degrees of warming for every doubling of CO2, the predictions match exactly the warming we observed.

The Earth Has Warmed & Cooled In The Past Too!

Earth has warmed and cooled in the past then; who was releasing the COS then? This notion can probably trap you in many weird situations. All except past changes in the climate were triggered at regular intervals by Milankovich cycles—the periodic oscillation of the Earth’s tilt and stretching squishing of Earth’s elliptical orbit. When it comes to warming both C02 and temperature increase at the same time. Although CO2 doesn’t cause the first warming instead, the Milankovitch processes change how the sunlight hits the Earth.

Renewable Energy Is Just A Money-making Scheme.

It’s an accepted way of thinking that renewable energy is not cost-effective. However, it essentially is not the right way to mitigate the impact! Sunlight-based forces, for instance, solar energy and inland wind, are the least expensive methods to generate energy, which means the energy they produce is less costly than utilizing atomic, gas, and petroleum derivatives. Besides this, using them can get you to reduce the CO2 emission in the atmosphere. However, one can’t wholly rely upon it as the sunlight goes at night and winds are not always there to produce energy for you. Still, we can use them when circumstances are favorable to mitigate the impact of the greenhouse effect.

Getting Rid Of The Population Will Fix This.

This, we solidly accept, isn’t right. However, it’s not challenging to begin feeling that we’ve gone excessively far as of now and that the planet will not have the option to help the world’s developing populace. WWF’s primary goal is to portray a reality where individuals and nature flourish together. The innovation and frameworks we need to move to 100% renewable energy power by 2045 and utilize our planet’s assets reasonably are accessible. What’s currently required is for political and business pioneers to make a special and critical move towards utilizing these answers to address the environmental emergency and reestablish nature. Thereby the population has nothing to do with global warming.

Global Warming Is Not A Bad Thing

Some would argue that it’s not a bad thing to have temperature rise! We as humans can have safety features to protect ourselves from harsh temperatures. That’s somehow true! But what about plants and animals? You get your food supply from plants and animals. Suppose they can’t survive as per the latest data showing how climate change has already impacted the per year yield of coffee beans production. Then you won’t have food to eat in the future! Scientists predict that we have only 12 years to work to bring the whole situation under control.

Wrap Up

It’s not somehow clear that global warming will result in catastrophes, but the globe will have to get more intense storms, more droughts, floods, the oceans will become more acidic sea level will rise. Thereby it would be better for species living on planets to start reducing emissions now. It is better than waiting & paying the consequences.

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